Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Experimental Design - Martin Venezky

why does everything have to be in order? why do we always have to follow rules????? why cant we just do things out of the blues?? EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN is the answer for designers out there to get more creative, to start doing things without worrying so much about the results, trust me it'll give you great results.

here is some of pargraphs, from an interview with martin venezky.... hey Abeer i think ive seen his book once with you, thats how i got to know about him, i think it was reems book.

"SU: Many would call your approach "experimental." Do you believe this is a fair appraisal?

MV: The term “experimental” is often used as a code for unusable, weird, “crazy” or “going wild”. But I think that is a big misunderstanding, and something I try hard to correct in the classroom. When I teach an experimental class, I am quick to explain that experimentation is a methodology.

SU: What do you think is being implied by that?

MV: It suggests a circular set of steps: setting up an experiment, running the process, analyzing the results and then letting the results guide the next experiment. There is no external aesthetic to experimental work. It is as much about setting criteria and using them to analyze results as it is about the producing of the material. Far from “going wild”, it is a very rigorous exercise that allows a designer to confidently engage in work whose results are unpredictable. So, yes, I think that a lot of my work is experimental, but not in the ways that most define it. " SPEAK UP By : Silas Munro - interview with Martin Venezky August 1, 2005.

Link for the interview : http://www.underconsideration.com/speakup/interviews/venezky.html

and another link to martin venezky website is : http://www.appetiteengineers.com/

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