Monday, November 19, 2007

non format rules!!!!

i personally love non format, their type use oooooffff a killer!! one of the most intresting companiessss...u guys should check their work! apparently they published a book, so i thought u guys might be intrested.

Love Song

Authors: Kjell Ekhorn, Jon Forss / Non-Format
Language: English

Release: June 2007
Price: € 44,00 / $ 60,00 / £ 30,00
Format: 24 x 28 cm
Binding: 192 pages, full colour, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-185-3

Non-Format is a London-based design studio that has built a formidable international reputation with exceptional graphic design and illustrations that are strikingly innovative and fresh yet have a timelessness that goes beyond fleeting style trends.

This monograph presents the full spectrum of their work, which ranges from delicate drawings for album covers to riveting advertisements for Coke and Nike, as well as pristine graphic design for publications such as Varoom or the UK music magazine The Wire.