Saturday, October 6, 2007

jack crossing

charles maze


Toko was established in 2001 in the Netherlands, and is now operating out of Surry Hills,Sydney.
It is a multidisciplinary design studio with the emphasis on print design.

Sandra kassenaar

'It's amazing that a simple device like that still works. You link a colour to a political program,
people say 'this is ours now' and suddenly flags, t-shirts and scarves in that colour stand for
political beliefs and hopes. I'm always curious though; are we out of colours?' – Christoph Keller


my future house

i just love it, i came across this website today..I love the simplicity in it, the white walls..just everything

a great contrast, to live in a country with such great heritage and your house would be so modern.

well i dont know where this place is, couldnt understand the language. the link