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I just bought my first artoyz today from a place in Amsterdam!.
Will take photos and post them soon, but here are some arttoyz from

you could see a huge collection, i love artoyz!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Arabesque- Graphic Design from the Arab region and Persia

My work has been published recently in Arabesque - a book that features graphic design work from the Arab region and Iran. Work that deals mainly with Arabic Typography and Arabic Calligraphy.

The book features great work. I was really fascinated with the amount of talented Arabic and Iranian designers who has been doing a lot of great and inspiring work with Arabic typography and calligraphy. I personally think every designer and student should buy this book, it will help develop our type skills and allow us to think how to integrate Arabic type in a more interesting way in our personal or commercial work.

Editors: Ben Wittner, Sascha Thoma, Nicolas Bourquin
the book has been done by EPS 51 who also designed Talib Font, which I have featured before in the blog.

Please check out the book, and if you get the chance to buy it, trust me you will not regret it, its very inspiring. At last we are are proofing that there is so many interesting things you could do with Arabic type and calligraphy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

i Love arabic calligraphy & Type!

i love arabic typography and calligraphy
there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN! and i personally think it is so damn intresting!!

Iam in Holland, the plan is to apply for school.. though i dont know if iam fully convinced that i should apply! the thing is, when you spend 3 years working it gets harder to make a decision to apply for school.. when you do a real experience, projects that you know it gets you somewhere! emmmm.. makes you wonder and ask yourself why do I need MA...

emmmmm... ok i know what i like, i like to work on Arabic type and Arabic based projects! meaning projects that focuses mainly on Arab culture, and focuses on showing the beauty of the Arab artistic elements.

I just personally think that Arabic Type and Calligraphy, is something beautiful..
In my training here at Tarek Atrissi studio, iam at last getting to work on projects that i seriously love... Alot of Arabic calligraphy work involved, looking alot at other peopls work, trying different kind of arabic type and calligraphy approaches... I would like to buy alot of books about arabic calligraphy, so much to look at and read..

Alot of them are in french though, blekh..i wish id understand... its a shame how there are little arabic published good books about calligraphy, and meanwhile youd buy arabic calligraphy great books published in french only...emmmmm makes me wonder..

well then i think again about the MA idea, if i do it.. itll be a good way to spend experimenting and exploring arabic type.. that is one of the things that keeps me attached to the idea of MA...

Monday, January 28, 2008


this is very funny!!!! a good way to carry your pillow wherever you go!! office?? emmm meeting :D
Anywhere!! I will make fun of YOU! hehe! i really think its a clever idea!!

Specially the guy putting his head inside the washing machine!!! hilarious


" KOLLEGA is a Copenhagen based designstudio established in 2007 by swedish graphic designers Emma Holmberg and Rebecca Larsson"

i like their approach to typography. Specially the Cover for the Vagn Remme novel Rotterdam..
looking forward to see more of their work

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Koshare men zaman!

Source :

" Designer: Wittner & Thoma
Release: January 2008

Talib is a hybridization of Latin and Arabic typographic forms. This font explores the experimental possibilities of merging the two distinct visual styles. The designers of eps51, Ben Wittner and Sascha Thoma, created Talib during their one-year stay in Cairo, Egypt. Influenced and inspired by their visually vibrant surroundings, the designers created this Latin font which instantly transforms your graphic language and gives it an Arabic look and feel. The font is available in three selling weights including Talib Old Style, Talib Mohandes Regular and Talib Kulkufi Rounded & Squared and we’re throwing in Talib Mohandes Fragment for free to those who buy the full family. "

Monday, January 14, 2008

White Drapes by Reem Al Ghaith

She lies down in the arms of her white drapes
as her days recall the folds around her muted skin
the scent, the smell all she remembers is as soft
as her brown fine hairlines crumple the Persian silk

She lies, she smiles as she set her timer
the alarm that awakens her from all things beautiful
her soft hands gather the drapes once and twice for warmth
as her mind sets between the feathers of reality

A breath, a melody that reveals
as the versus repeat
and the flashes race down
her veins, her existence
dreamingly it all begins once again

Her soul awakes as the drapes are carried away
and her silent figure forms
as the voices shatter
as figures dance to find an answer
and all she does is withstand,
cold and muted her eyes search for him

Her land, her beauty, her dreams
all of which he masters
him the tallest of them all
he raced with his arms to hold her
and yet he took so long
once and twice upon a time

She envisions beauty, faces, lives and mankind
all to amuse her and greet her as time flies
and of all she still waits
she awaits him
she awaits his volumes, his chapters, his words
but they are only empty to begin with

To begin her narrative
her story; her visions; her life
without him
she mustn’t

The drapes fall as a series of images
pleasant ones that pass through her mind with a sound
as her long fingers reach to store it away for the next day

Her windows open as the tender light hit her translucent features
her eyes glare as they behold the sequence of today in a reflection
a white ceiling; a tinted glass; a broken light bulb, her velvet curtains
of all she remembers
yet another dream of his existence.

"copyright© 2008 reem al ghaith
for the poem/ writting"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jen Stark

I wish i was that patient to create such great work using paper cutouts and creating such great 3d sculpture work!!!

and the use of color, stunning!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

businessssssssssssssssss card!!!!!

This business card for Canadian personal trainer Poul Nielsen is difficult to read until it is stretched!!

intrestinggggggggggggg!!! I love such materials!! its a great business card to hold when iam pissed offf... I'd just be stretching it like 100 times!! awesomeee!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

my work on t-shirt!

I was so excited today to go print one of my graphics on a t-shirt, and i really liked itttt!!!! I am planning to start printing my type work on t-shirtsss and see where it goes :)

what do guys think?

hehe funny picture i know!! i had to bend, for the shirt to stretch..

Sunday, November 25, 2007

a sweet little treat!

id like to give you all those delicious gifts!
and the link is a secret :) so i will keepp posting more and more delicious looking cupcakessss

A KILLER i know
I wanttt :(

they are soo cuteeeee