Thursday, October 25, 2007

Omar Al-Zo'bi

I thought i'd share Omar work with you guys, I love his illustrations!! very special style, a great artist from my home town Salt - jordan currently doing his BA in London. I would recommend you all check out his website!! i just love his layout, and the work he has, got a great sense of humor, and the influence of the arab culture on his art, great inspiration for me :)

will be great to meet you in jordan.

His website

Nada Jaffal

my friend Omar Al Zoubi, showed me Nadas work, she designed this project for the end of her year show at the university of Jordan, which i suppose was three years bacck. I really enjoyed looking at her work, and the way she played around with the words of our country jordan. Very intresting Nada, keep it up, looking forward to meet you in jordan.

well Omar gave me the permission to post your work :) i was so much in love with it.

oh and i would love to wear one of ur earrings!! my jordanian talkative earrings:)

to see more of nadas work