Friday, March 14, 2008

i Love arabic calligraphy & Type!

i love arabic typography and calligraphy
there is just SO MUCH TO LEARN! and i personally think it is so damn intresting!!

Iam in Holland, the plan is to apply for school.. though i dont know if iam fully convinced that i should apply! the thing is, when you spend 3 years working it gets harder to make a decision to apply for school.. when you do a real experience, projects that you know it gets you somewhere! emmmm.. makes you wonder and ask yourself why do I need MA...

emmmmm... ok i know what i like, i like to work on Arabic type and Arabic based projects! meaning projects that focuses mainly on Arab culture, and focuses on showing the beauty of the Arab artistic elements.

I just personally think that Arabic Type and Calligraphy, is something beautiful..
In my training here at Tarek Atrissi studio, iam at last getting to work on projects that i seriously love... Alot of Arabic calligraphy work involved, looking alot at other peopls work, trying different kind of arabic type and calligraphy approaches... I would like to buy alot of books about arabic calligraphy, so much to look at and read..

Alot of them are in french though, blekh..i wish id understand... its a shame how there are little arabic published good books about calligraphy, and meanwhile youd buy arabic calligraphy great books published in french only...emmmmm makes me wonder..

well then i think again about the MA idea, if i do it.. itll be a good way to spend experimenting and exploring arabic type.. that is one of the things that keeps me attached to the idea of MA...