Wednesday, October 31, 2007

reem al ghaith

Reem is an Emirate graphic designer and poet, based in Dubai. She is currently studying at the American University of Sharjah, BA in Visual Communication. She is submitting one of her Photography projects to ibda and i personally think this project, should be out there in museums in Dubai and other countries, go girl make it happen.

" its a series, a narritive of a girl trapped within a frame and is held back by her traditions... and is further jxtaposed by the new modern landscape to empahsize the struggle... " Reem Al Ghaith

the first image is my favourite, stunning!!!!!!!!! great work, full of words, anger, memory, might be happiness who knows.. just makes you wonder. love it!!

Well Ibda is a big event that gather great designers from all over the world in the Dubai. to know more about it

Reem i would love to post some of your poems :) , hopefully soon.

Lets all support Reem and wish her best of luckk :)

you could contact reem at

Reham Ibrahim

A sister a friend a great fashion designer!! She started her fashion brand " Toksic" a year back and since then she has been successfully working on making it all happen. She has been selling her work since then at boutiques in Dubai ( Amzan, Cube, etc..) I just love how she combines different material together, the Bright fun colors adds great character to the style. Her personality is very much reflected in her designs, and I personally believe a designer always reflect his personality and style on his work. I would like to share little paragraph I copied from her website .. and Ofcourse without the support and help of her great mother she wouldn’t have made her dream happen.

"toksic is strictly high street fashion. it's about women expressing their individuality through the way they dress up, their behavior and their attitude. it’s about personality, character and self-expression. being unique, confident and courageous. dressing up in bold colors and loud prints. getting attention. getting the killer-look; the look that "kills". " Reham Ibrahim

check more of her pieces and desgins at

Salem Kamal Salem

Salem kamal studied with me at the American University of Sharjah, holding a BA in graphic design and currently works at creative intelligence, an international branding consultancy based in Dubai. Back in school, he always enjoyed involving characters with power, as you see in his work. I like his printmaking work, always bussy and there is always something going on in the background. He is so into japanese illustrationss...Well, c'mon salem you should keep working on ur character design, who knows maybe you could publish a book with all ur designs one day :)

oh and his water color work is awesome, he's really good at paying attention to details.

to see more of salem work, you could contact him at