Monday, January 14, 2008

White Drapes by Reem Al Ghaith

She lies down in the arms of her white drapes
as her days recall the folds around her muted skin
the scent, the smell all she remembers is as soft
as her brown fine hairlines crumple the Persian silk

She lies, she smiles as she set her timer
the alarm that awakens her from all things beautiful
her soft hands gather the drapes once and twice for warmth
as her mind sets between the feathers of reality

A breath, a melody that reveals
as the versus repeat
and the flashes race down
her veins, her existence
dreamingly it all begins once again

Her soul awakes as the drapes are carried away
and her silent figure forms
as the voices shatter
as figures dance to find an answer
and all she does is withstand,
cold and muted her eyes search for him

Her land, her beauty, her dreams
all of which he masters
him the tallest of them all
he raced with his arms to hold her
and yet he took so long
once and twice upon a time

She envisions beauty, faces, lives and mankind
all to amuse her and greet her as time flies
and of all she still waits
she awaits him
she awaits his volumes, his chapters, his words
but they are only empty to begin with

To begin her narrative
her story; her visions; her life
without him
she mustn’t

The drapes fall as a series of images
pleasant ones that pass through her mind with a sound
as her long fingers reach to store it away for the next day

Her windows open as the tender light hit her translucent features
her eyes glare as they behold the sequence of today in a reflection
a white ceiling; a tinted glass; a broken light bulb, her velvet curtains
of all she remembers
yet another dream of his existence.

"copyright© 2008 reem al ghaith
for the poem/ writting"