Saturday, September 8, 2007

obsessed with sushi?

isnt that crazy? i want!!

Akademische mitteilungen XI

A magazine about acceleration


"Just as my grandmother Grace passed on her love of diverse culture and beauty on to myself, we at Elizaldi hope to pass our timeless modern heirlooms on to you. Enjoy Elizaldi! " Nicole Dobrzanski - Designer/Owner - Elizaldi Jewelry

23rd International short film festival berlin

23rd International short film festival berlin is a meeting place for international short films and video scenes.


The BLK/MRKT is a contemporary gallery near Los Angles. It illustrates the most current forms of visual expression and trends in contemporary art.

This book feature the work of: David Ellis, Ian Francis, Mark Dean Veca, Lucy McLaughlan, Mel Kadel, Dave Kinsey, Mark Jenkins, Tiffany Bozic, Gregory Euclide and Ben Tour.